A Minnesota based full time taxidermist offering custom mounts for your trophy Deer, Fish, Waterfowl, Exotic, Big Game, African or North American trophies.  Located near Buffalo, MN or about 40 minutes west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Owner, David Treadwell, has been a full time taxidermist since 1980. His artistic talent and knowledge of the outdoors is evident in the quality of his work.


He successfully captures the living expression so vital to quality taxidermy. You will notice the difference in the beauty and compelling presence of all his mounts.

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All photographs on this website were taken by David Treadwell and represent samples of actual mounts completed by David Treadwell.

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David Treadwell | Treadwell Custom Taxidermy | 4368 37th St NW  Maple Lake, MN  55358

Phone (320) 963-3677 | E-Mail

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NOTE: The showroom is open by appointment only, please call ahead to schedule a visit.


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DISCLAIMER: I take pride in my work and do my best to create a quality mount you can enjoy for many years to come.  However, I have found that I must include this disclaimer as no two mounts are the same. What you see on this website will not be identical to what you receive. All mounts are done on a custom basis with no mass production qualities. The mount you receive will be a close representation to the mounts shown, but not identical to the pictures on www.treadwelltaxidermy.com or its Facebook page.  Due to the unique characteristics of each specimen and color variations with computer monitors, there will be variances in each mount.  All Hides are shipped out for professional tanning.  All taxidermy work is done at the customer's risk. We are not responsible for items lost or damaged due to tanning, hair slippage, fire, theft or any other mishap. Due to the custom nature of this work, refunds are not available.